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Reduced price! Ivory Coast Coffee

Ivory Coast Coffee


2,98 € tax incl.


3,50 € tax incl.

100% biodegradable capsules

10 Nespresso compatible capsules

100% Robusta

Character of coffee, it is renowned for its intense aroma, bitter and full-bodied taste, but especially for its twice higher caffeine content than that contained in other varieties. Tasted as instant coffee or espresso, it releases its bitter aroma with a touch of acidity that will remind you of the land of our origins, robust and resistant.

Ingredients: ground roasted coffee 100% Robusta.

Ivory Coast

Capitale: Yamoussoukro

Currency: Franc CFA

Languages: Français, Djoula, Baoulé, Bété

Points of interest: Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Reserve of Abokouamékro, Banco National Park and Ehotilé islands.


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Ivory Coast Coffee

Ivory Coast Coffee

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